Mummy Costume

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~~Mummy Child Costume

Anyone who's lucky enough to unwrap this Mummy costume as a gift is sure to have a great Halloween. The set includes a raggedy white shirt and pants with an eerie hood and carefully designed tie. Each piece looks just as if it was made from the same bandages that the ancient Egyptians used. The mummy has been one of the world's favorite monsters for years, and it's rising from the dead once again this year. This ancient looking Mummy Child costume is almost scary in its simplicity. Supplement this Mummy Child's Costume with some varying shades of makeup (our Tri Color Pallettes Cat set includes metallic gold, white, and black) to give your own skin the same decrepit appearance. Age before beauty, as we always say. Our selection of Halloween costumes is sure to impress the mummy (and the mommy) in your life.

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